Fresh paint - News from the art studio

Fresh paint - News from the art studio

In the last month I have been working non stop on 12 new paintings and this one is the first painting of the the under water ocean series.

It is a new series that I am painting and it is very exciting because it requires different type of details than what I would normally paint. It is fascinating to understand how shadows and light are reflected underwater and influence all skin tones, shades and vibrancy of the water from under the ocean. There are some brilliant artists out there that are making amazing underwater paintings and have been a huge inspiration for me to start learning and researching about this type compositions.

fresh paint - under water, ocean painting

I have been enjoying as well painting the vibrant flowers and leaves that I see all around here in Hawaii and I am having much fun capturing them into acrylic paintings. So many layers, with different shades and colors are making these paintings an explosion of happiness which is what I feel when I see them.

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Aloha, Michal