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Island Style Cutting and Serving Boards - Tropical Kitchen

Island Style Cutting and Serving Boards - Tropical Kitchen

NEW SIZE : 11x15

Impress your guests with these stunning and durable tempered glass cutting and serving boards.

Enjoy the tropical colors in your kitchen and catch yourself smiling more often while cooking .

Cutting boards are useful tools and are essential to have in your kitchen

Although there are many different types of cutting boards,

these tempered glass cutting boards are more than just beautiful, elegant, and stylish. They are the most healthy and are exceptional for many reasons.

Impress your guests and also serve on these stunning cutting boards with your favorite tropical paintings by Michal.

Glass cutting boards are so easy to maintain. Unlike other types of cutting boards, you would not need any special routine to make them last longer.

NEW SIZE : 11 x 15"

  • Quality- Top quality, durable Tempered Glass.
  • Healthy - No residue of the food being cut remains after cleaning and abhors the growth of bacteria. They don’t absorb food juices, they do not smell or get permanent stains on their surfaces.
  • Versatility- You can use it as a cutting board or serving board, as well as a space to put your hot dishes and pots.
  • Chic - Your kitchen will look good and taste good.
  • Care - Easy to maintain and care - wash by hand with soap and water
  • Durable - Super durable, they are resistant to cuts and scratches even after you have used them a lot.
  • Money saving - can last up to 5 years.
  • Light, thin, and easy to store
  • Resistant to cracks, chips, stains.

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      Tempered glass cutting and serving boards are non-porous - they are hygienic and easy to keep clean .

      Our fabulous cutting boards are heat-resistant, they double as a hot pad.

      NEW SIZE - Your Must Have Cutting and Serving Boards

      NEW SIZE - Your Must Have Cutting and Serving Boards

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