Do not buy a cutting board until you read this

Do not buy a cutting board until you read this

If you don't have our amazing tempered glass cutting boards yet, 

maybe it's time ! 


If you are putting so much effort in eating well, healthy and clean, and yet, still using a cutting boards that have tons of bacteria….. We invite you to consider our amazing cutting boards.


Just think about all the bacteria that is now growing on your plastic / wood cutting board. Do me a favor and go put hydro peroxide on them, they will bubble for hours…


Our tempered glass cutting boards are not just a pretty item ! 

They do not hybrid bacteria so this is an amazing benefit for your health. You can place on them any baked goods, straight out of the oven, 

or any hot pan or pot straight from your stove. 

Tempered glass cutting boards are heat resistant!


They also make an amazing serving platters for both, hot and cold food!


We are now fully restocked ! 

Get yours now.