Hanalei Mudslide 2021 - What It's Really Like

Hanalei Mudslide 2021 - What It's Really Like

If you don't know, We had a huge mudslide on the road that goes down to our beautiful town of Hanalei, just last week. Hanalei town, is not only the most magical place, but it is also where my shop is and also just before my home's neighborhood, Haena. 

Since this is the only road that allows access to Hanalei, It means that we were cut off from basic needs such as food, gas, mail, driving, hospitals and everything else. 

Our community is the most amazing and is the embodiment of the Aloha spirit. So many people have organized really quickly with boats, food supplies and donations to help everyone. Times like this always bring some amazing moments to treasure and make me even more grateful to be living in such a place, where the beauty is not just in our surroundings, it is shown through us when

 we have a kind smile to someone and offering help. 

 Also, the experience of being the one who needs help and needs to ask for help, is very humbling experience for me. It allows me to create deeper connections with new people and with my friends.

But that won't stop me from moving forward and share all the magic that I see in this world. Please keep in touch with me through Instagram to see the most recent news. 

 I have been doing so much lately…

We are now offering face-time shopping appointments at my shop !

(You can also just hit replay to any of my emails to schedule one)

 Thank you everyone for checking on me and offering help. So heart warming.

As I am getting this blog ready to go, the latest news are - The road will be open on a specific schedule really soon !

Here are some pictures for story telling:


hanalei mud slide 2021      


hanalie mud slide 2021 boat