The New Radiant Pareo / Hawaiian Floral Sarong

The New Radiant Pareo / Hawaiian Floral Sarong

Who doesn't love a stunning pareo.

That one piece that goes with everything, just throw it on and head to the beach.


The word PAREO is originated in Tahiti - PAREU

We are so excited to finally launch our new stunning Hawaiian Floral Pareo - The Radiant,

Why our pareos are the best?

1. They are absolutely stunning - the colors are bright and will never fade, not matter how many times your run them through the machine.

2. They dry super fast.

3. They are light weight.

4. They are soft and super resilient so yes, you can take your nap on the beach on it.

5. They can be used also as a scarf or a shawl.

6. They protect you from sun burn ! (they surely protected me)

7. They don't wrinkle.

Mix and match this beautiful pareo with a tote, clutch or your favorite swimsuit, you will feel like you are a walking goddess over the Hawaiian sandy beach.