How to feel comfortable with your body in a swimsuit or bikini?

How to feel comfortable with your body in a swimsuit or bikini?

Have you ever struggled with standing in front of the mirror and every swimsuit you tried make your feel uncomfortable?

I have experienced it myself for years and I am so proud of my swimwear collection.

It is proven to be the best fit swimwear and the most comfortable one that make you feel so good and confident in your body.

Self criticism will melt away and will leave lots of room for being present and enjoy your day outdoors, in the ocean, beach or pool or where every you may be.

I have crafted these styles with the thoughts that the materials and shape should be feeling so comfortable that you will forget you are having anything on your skin.

The results are: The best swimwear you will ever buy.

I test proof each cut to fit my active life, surfing and daily use as a body suit.

Each piece is one of a kind. Our fabric is eco friendly and sustainable. It means that withing 3 years of it been thrown away it will fully decompose.

Our suits will stay with you for many years and they will be your favorite item in your wardrobe.

If you are looking for the best bikini or one piece swimsuit, made in Hawaii, stunning, one of a kind that is also sustainable that also has 50SPF

AND that you will feel comfortable, beautiful and confident it - we're glad you found us!

Our current swimwear collection is now closed edition and are now rare items.

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