Love Island USA, where did they get their pareos from ? Season 3 episode 3

Love Island USA, where did they get their pareos from ? Season 3 episode 3

love island usa pareo


We got featured tonight on CBS Live reality show LOVE ISLAND 2021 that is currently filmed in Hawaii Island !


The stunning Love Island 2021 cast was happy, and dancing with our pareos and looking amazing !


Cash, Kyra, Shannon, Trina and Olivia looked amazing wearing them and the colors of their cover up looked like the perfect sarong to go with their colors.


Watch Love island USA season 3 episode 3 to see what the girls were wearing and get that in our website ! As seen on TV, as seen on CBS, as seen on Love Island Hawaii!


Each piece as made from an original painting.


Aloha and Mahalo!


What the girls in Love Island USA, Season 3, Episode 3 were wearing at the TV show and how to get it?

Cash - was wearing the Radiant sarong, pareo cover up

Kyra - was wearing the Sunset Flowers pareo, sarong cover up

Olivia - She was wearing gracefully the Hanalei Morning beach pareo

Trina - was wearing the stunning Hawaiian Love beach pareo cover up

Shannon - Was wearing our new release - the Tropical Light pareo


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