Michal's morning ritual

Michal's morning ritual
hawaii artist coffee morning ritual

This week, I’m sharing a recipe that I’ve continually turned to—both in the hot and cold seasons—to bring comfort to myself and those around me.

I am continually inspired by the bounty that is Kauai. Each morning presents an endless array of colors. 

Wake up in the morning. You slide open the curtains and open your window, you smell the warm salty ocean while the soft breeze caresses your face. The sun is rising. The colors in the sky change. From dark blue, intense lines are emerging: yellow, orange and pink show up in the sky, slowly turning into pink and purple. All these colors also slowly transform their reflection over the ocean. 

A few fluffy clouds change their colors too.

You think to yourself how grateful you are, to be here, right now.

While this beautiful day is unfolding only one thing is missing; the incredible offering of an organic, wonderfully crafted, completely delicious morning beverage!

You brew your favorite coffee and that sweet smell fills up the room. You pour it in your Radiant tumbler and get ready for your gentle barefoot walk on the beach. What a great way to start the day.

This is my morning routine. And I get to be grateful each morning again.

Wherever you may go, whatever you choose to do, I created the Radiant thermal tumbler for you, to carry ALL of this goodness with you along your day.


                            MY MORNING RITUAL RECIPE:

I wanted to share with you my favorite recipe for a morning drink:
Organic Kona coffee freshly ground, brewed in French press.
Add: pumpkin spice, cardamom, honey, fresh coconut cream (not from can!).
Blend in the blender for smooth texture. And… VOILA !

You can add ice cubes for ice Frappuccino ❤️
Some days I like to top it with homemade fresh coconut whip cream

( you can use any kind of milk / dairy-free substitute as well!)

morning artist hawaii donut recepie