My first original acrylic painting of 2022 - Hawaii original painting

My first original acrylic painting of 2022 - Hawaii original painting
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My first painting of 2022
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I Just finished this new floral painting. 
Size is 11x14, acrylic on canvas and is framed.
Now on my easel:
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I love painting! 
Each painting has its own personality. 
Each painting can take a few months or over a year to complete - depending on the size and complexity.
I use endless layers of different colors that give the artwork an - indescribable with words - glow and vibrancy,
that transforms and uplift any space and mood. I believe that each painting contains so much energy - which is crystalized on the canvas through the process of it's creation.
You can watch some of my creative process on pinterest and instagram. But honestly, I get so far away when I create that it's hard to document the process, although, it is so rewarding seeing the changes and the transformations of my white canvas from when I start until it's done.
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This is a second or third color layer of the right side panel of the “Hanalei Morning” painting. 
Isn't that so interesting to see the back layers?
There are alot of exciting things in line for 2022 
and I am happy you will get to be part of my journey! 
Every package we send, is infused with love, passion, creativity, happiness and A L O H A. This picture says it all.
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