New Original Lino Cut Series #2 - "Feeling Gratitude"

New Original Lino Cut Series #2 - "Feeling Gratitude"
“Feeling Gratitude” - The new series
Block 5th
This one that I am holding in my hand, is the first ink print I have done. I continued to carve the block after that. This is THE ONLY piece available of the first original carving and it is impossible to redo. This is a special collector's piece.
 If you want this one, please send an e-mail. 
Since this is a rare find, I did not put it on the website.
“fEeling gratitude” - series 2
Which one is your favorite?
Each piece is one of a kind and is not able to be repeated. 
Art work sizes : 5x7
Frame size: 8x10
Titled, numbered and signed.
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I am working on so many projects and so much is happening.
I am stoked to share with you these beautiful original art works I just made, I think they are absolutely amazing and MAGICAL. There is just no way for me to think and plan them ahead. 
If you missed out on my first webinar, and want to know more about how I see the role of art and artists - I invite you to watch it ! It is now up on
 my YouTube channel. We have another 3 webinars to go!
I hope this e-mail will brighten up your day!


cheers to you, 
With love from my art studio, Michal

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