Sustainable and Eco-friendly Tropical Hawaiian Designer Swimwear - Bikini and One Piece Bodysuits

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Tropical Hawaiian Designer Swimwear - Bikini and One Piece Bodysuits

What make our swimwear collection not just the most comfortable swimwear you can find but also the most comfortable and most important :

Sustainable and Eco-friendly?

What you need to know about sustainable swimwear?

WE CARE! In the process of becoming a sustainable and conscious business, we are taking the measures to learn and take better decisions.

Let's talk about our amazing Hawaiian swimsuits top quality and beauty sustainable features:

What is CO2 control in the fabric and clothing fashion industry?

CO2  comes exactly from the CO2 gas that overloads the atmosphere and  demands a collective effort to control it and other forms pollution and toxicity from textiles production

Our exceptional fabric of swimwear is friendlier to the human body and the environment.


We believe that sustainability (and ART!) are the future and not an option for us.

Please send us an email if you have any suggestions about conscious, environment friendly and sustainable companies that you would like us to learn about and hopefully work with, creating better options for you and the planet!

Compost; Our swimwear fabric is biodegradable on disposal; we use no toxic or harmful products to human health and production traceability.

They also have the Oeko-Tex®Class I and II certification:

It is an external and international audit that certifies the exemption of toxic products in fabrics for contact with human skin.


world pioneer in transforming this new raw material into more sustainable knits and fabrics.

The decomposition that used to take decades to occur in conventional polyamide, now 50% already takes place in the first year and in 3 years it is already fully decomposed, as long as it is discarded in a landfill.

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Shop your most beautiful, luxurious, perfect fit, one of a kind Hawaiian swimwear that feel like magic while being mindful and Eco-friendly to our planet is the best decision you can make :)

Our fabric is digitally printed therefor we do not use the regular chemical dyes that other company does.

Each fabric is made from Michal's art works and original paintings of the life in the Hawaiian Islands, that she paints on the island of Kauai, in the magical town of Hanalei.


She creates her own cuts and designs in a way that flatter and fit all women body types, size ages and styles.

Her timeless items are never out of fashion and the suits life cycle is of many years. Our swimwear line collection is also perfect for water activities and surfing.

They have 50SPF, try our long sleeves body suits for full body protection.

Michal's mission is to make each women feel comfortable, beautiful and confident while she is out door wearing bikini or one piece swimsuit. If you love luxury resort, traveling, beach, vacation, tropical islands, swimming surfing, diving or boating, for any one who love tanning and want to feel and look their best - our swimwear line will provide you with a unique swimsuit that you will want to wear all the time and you will say too, that this is the best swimwear you'll ever buy.

Shop the best Hawaii tropical floral swimwear, swimsuit, bikini, bikini sets, bikini top, one piece, rash guard and sun protection from Michal art studio in Hanalei, Kauai Hawaii.







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