What is the best towel for surfing, travleing and yoga? And why?

What is the best towel for surfing, travleing and yoga? And why?
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Hi michal! Our best towels ever are now back in stock! What makes our towels best ever? If you already have one - you know. But if you don't have one yet, I will try to put it into words. Not all microfiber towels are equal. We make our own custom blend to provide you with long lasting item that will serve you for years of endless travels, fun and beauty.
Always machine washable, sand proof, ultra absorbent, soft to touch, fast drying and fold tiny.
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What does it mean for you?
Fold tiny - It wont fill up your bag with empty space so you can take other essentials with you.
Machine wash - Easy care, the art work will not fade with wash.
Beauty - This fantastic towel will always make you feel like you are in a tropical time zone, no matter where you are.
Sand proof - Leave the sand on the beach, not in your bag.
Ultra absorbent - You'll just have to try to know how great it is.
Fast dry - When you have a long day of fun and adventures on the go, you want your towel dry. Regular towels take eternity to dry, not this one!
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