What is the role of art in your life?

What is the role of art in your life?

What is the role of art in your life?

You like art and you value having it in your life.

 But why? It is really hard to articulate it. 

Why? Because art touches places we don't have access to without it.


Sold ti leaf painting hawaii tropical art hanalei kauai

“Ti Leaves” Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

This is the first e-mail in a series. In this first one, I

will show you the latest paintings that left the studio recently,  whats available,

what I am currently working on.

My paintings are usually sold before they are done and get to my website so if there is anything you have your eyes on, let me know.

Image item

“Sunset Flowers”, Acrylic on canvas, SOLD


“Sunset Flowers”, Acrylic on canvas, SOLD

I heard a lecture that really blew my mind away 

and I wanted to share that with you. 


From Jordan Peterson : Why you need art in your life?


"paintings are priceless... they are sacred object in some sense ...

the unknown shine through them at us in partially articulated form....  and that's the role of art, that's the role of artists."


"Real artists are contending with the unknown, and they are possessed by it. They have… openness that makes them do that.. Creative people are entrepreneur, they revitalize cities, make things magnificent and beautiful. 

So beautiful that they are jaw dropping. 

It's just so damn beautiful that you just can't stand it."


We have a handful of paintings available for purchase and a few that I am currently working on.

Here are a some of the paintings available:

Image item
Image item

"What's the economic value of that (art)?

 it's absolutely incalculable.....the farther away you get to it from time, the more valuable it becomes, its value magnifies. 

People have problem with beauty and it's a mystery, 

buy a damn piece of art, find one that really speaks to you, 

because you invite that into your life. You also get a little introduction to the artist and that will sip into your life, and that will change things like mad, it's really unbelievably worth it because it opens your eyes to the domain of the transcendent."


I have many projects I am working on and it is so hard to keep up with newsletters but here is the upcoming one:

Big news ! We have been working on an amazing collab of custom surfboards with Hanalei Surf co. I will tell you more about it soon!

 + More about art and paintings to be continued in next series e-mail ! 


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Until then - Have a fantastic day,














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