Changing things around - Change your life

kee beach Hawaii , Kauai , Hanalei
If you don't know me in person, I would like to introduce myself :

My name is Michal and I help people with shifting from their old routine to living an inspired and happy life.

I believe that the lifestyle and personal state of well being you always dreamed of can be your new reality now.

I created my company with the desire to help people live happy and inspired lives.

When we are happy we shine and are our best selves.           

When we are our best selves we inspire others. This leads to a better world.

 QUESTIONS to think about:
- Have you been told you need to be realistic? That dreaming is a waist of time?
 - Do you feel like your environment does not support you in being happy and having inspiration?

 - Do you feel like you have too many “things” and they are in your environment just because?

 - Are you feeling unmotivated to go to the beach because you don't feel comfortable in your swimwear?

 - Are you feeling bored with your life and maybe frustrated that you can't travel to Hawaii?

I really want to talk with you about some of these important issues. 

They have EVERYTHING to do with our level of happiness.

When we are afraid to make changes and stay stuck in a place that doesn't work for us, we dream less about all the possibilities available in the present. We forget about the life we always wanted to live and being the best version of ourselves. This leads to a lack of inspiration, unhealthy habits, low energy and perpetuates not wanting to change.

Go into your space, look at all the things that do not serve and support your highest form of well being. Take the next step in passing them along to others that may be in need.

Make space for the new and get rid of things you don't need, or love anymore. Things from the past that don’t serve you in the present. Then create the intention of spending your money wisely on things that contribute to the lifestyle you dream of rather than buying more things just because.

Ask yourself:
what will raise the vibration of my space and my life right now ?

 Invest in new high vibration, quality items, that will inspire you to  dream every day and feel alive. 

Look at your swimsuits.  Try them on and pass on all the suits that don't fit you anymore or make you feel uncomfortable.

Imagine what it would feel like to invest in swimwear that you want to live in. Swimwear that makes you feel radiantbeautiful and confident!

This is a time in our lives when we have the time and opportunity to shift.


- What can you bring into your life that will support your transformation?

 - What does the best version of yourself look like?

 - How can your home support that? How can your life style support that? mindfully purchasing new items that will support you.

It is OK to let go of the past and things that do not serve us anymore. Let's make the room for how we always wanted to feel and for who we always wanted to be. Let's make those dreams a reality right now.


We offer a unique, uplifting and inspiring diverse range of home decor, island lifestyle items, with Hawaii inspired beauty to support your transformation.

Helping you be the shining star you are.

 We are committed to inspire others through life changing items that work on an emotional level. A lot of intention is behind all of our pieces. They are created with commitmentjoy, inspiration, positivity, happiness, optimism and trust that they change people's everyday lives.

Right now is the time to be happy, inspired, joyful, comfortable, beautiful and to let your inner treasures shine.