New Lino Cut Original Series - "Feeling Gratitude", Hawaii

New Lino Cut Original Series - "Feeling Gratitude", Hawaii


I wanted to tell you how much I love to create these unique art works. 


 This piece is Inspired by "Only a (Kauai) surfer knows the feeling ".

It feels amazing to be surfing in the Hawaiian crystal clear ocean, 

to the magical mountains view, under the warm sun.


I first draw the plan on my linoleum block.

The tricky part about it is that I have to think in terms of “negative” colors and lines.


I then start the super fun part of carving the block.

 I need to be really careful not to cut your fingers and also be very precise. 

Any wrong movement can create the wrong cut.


Once I carved most of it, I will run a test print. 

It is always a magical moment to see how it looks like once printed. 

I than go back to carving and perfect the art work.


I prepare the printing paper: I use heavy, high quality water color paper and paint with acrylic. I use different techniques, colors and styles. 

It is impossible to guess which ones will come out epic once printed with ink.


Putting it all together: I mix the heavy ink on plexiglass with painter's knife 

and apply it to my carved block with a special roller. 

From every batch of 12 prints I do, only a few come out perfect and amazing. 

These ones I frame and offer for sale !


Here is the stunning series 1. 

Each piece is completely unique and unrepeatable. 


Here they are ! I hope you will enjoy these beauties !



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