Special collaboration Michal Art Studio X Hollan Hawaii

Special collaboration Michal Art Studio X Hollan Hawaii

So hopefully by now you know what we’re offering.


A message from Hollan :

My Why is just to help you get more plants into your life. When I went vegan 14 years ago it completely changed my life and it just matched up with me. I’ve never looked back, but I’ve worked with enough people to know everyone has their own way of eating. The one thing I know we all have in common is that more plants in your diet it’s healthier for you. So these days, instead of trying to make you vegan, I just want to teach you how to be more vegan-ish. I do believe  small changes add to big changes over time. So it’s baby steps of teaching you how I make food delicious using plant-based ingredients I know you will start to have a healthy relationship with food. The cookbook good food gratitude was my first shot at this. A way to get me in more peoples kitchens. I also have created digital courses that teach you through video. You will be getting free access to one of these if you buy in the pre-sale.


I also love art and supporting other businesses. This collaboration is amazing because these products aren’t only useful and sustainable they are also works of art.


A message from Michal:

I do believe that by now you already know a little about me. 

The most sincere and short answer to why I do what I do Is : This is who I am and that's what I feel passionate about. When I see the amazing colors outdoors or the magic in changing nature, I just feel those special feelings and I have to go paint it, so I can share it with you. And hopefully, you will get to experience Hawaii through my art, through feeling, thoughts, inspiration.

There is much more for me to share about, but just for today, I would like to focus on the 2 products that we are offering in this special collaboration bundle.


The tempered glass cutting board: 

Much more than just a cutting board, it is also an amazing serving platter that double as a hot plate. You really need to know that this tempered glass cutting board DO NOT HYBRID BACTERIA, like plastic and wood cutting boards would.

I believe that purchasing high quality items is saving money for the long term, and that the more you surround your home with items that inspire you, you will see the changes in your daily thinking and feelings, you will make choices that are more in line with what you really want for yourself. My main reason for creating variety of products is to help you stay in self-care, self-love and in your inspiration zone, where ever you are.


The Radiant thermal tumbler:

As an ocean lover, I am so passionate about nature and spending time out doors. Humans come and go with time but earth is here for million years. Now, more than ever, we become aware and conscious about our foot prints. We don't often think twice about our trash, but I hope that by having such an item that you cherish and love, you will be inspired to carry it with you, and effortlessly, reduce trash. It will not only keep your drinks hot or cold, but it will brighten up everyone else's day.


I really hope you will be able to get this fantastic offering. 

The Hawaiian radiant glow bundle has also an addition of Hollan's classes that you will get for FREE


Tune into my instagram as we will share our super easy and quick recipe for cookie dough ! Yumm